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Легендарный журнал русской эмиграции - Русская мысль

Maranol - a must for your osteoarticular health

Art. Nr.: PPHH02 Price: 56,34 EUR

COMPOSITION (per pill):

  • Cartilage
  • Dry extract of Cervus Elaphus deer velvet
  • Vitamin C: 13 mg (16.2% of recommended dietary allowance)
  • Vitamin E: 1 mg
  • Glucose excipient
  • Anti-aging effect: helps slow down aging processes, prolongs vitality and improves the condition of your skin and hair
  • Immunomodulating action: it does not modify the immune system elements that function correctly, but does change malfunctioning elements, helping to maintain their correct levels
  • Adaptogenic effect: increases the body’s resistance and adaptation to adverse environmental factors, such as bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Stimulating and bio-stimulating effect: regulates and revives energy reserves, lifting the body’s overall tone and activity and increasing its functional capacity
  • Strengthens sexual capacity: boosts levels of sexual energy and libido, helping renew sexual activity and improve sexual and reproductive functions in both men and woman
  • Influences several somatic alterations by improving the correct functioning of various organs
  • Bone and cartilage nutrition and regeneration, helping regenerate the surfaces of the joints and preventing the destruction or deterioration of cartilage


  • For adults: 2 pills twice a day during meals
  • For best results, Maranol should be taken for a relatively long period of time: 3-4 months


In case of hyper-sensibility to components during pregnancy or breast-feeding, please consult a medical professional before using this product.


None have been described.


No known cases of intoxication.

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