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Самый интересный автор современности Алиса Даншох представляет Легендарный журнал русской эмиграции - Русская мысль

Send 20, - EUR in rubles on a bank card in Russia

Art. Nr.: 020rms4ru Price: 26,50 EUR

Money Transfer of 20,-€ in ruble to a bank card in Russia*

Online money-transfer to the bank card of the recipient isn´t used in the EU or in the whole world (mainly the transfer from one bank account to another is used instead). Only in the countries of the Ex-Soviet-Union (CIS-States) the sentence “Put that money on the card…” is very popular, common and understandable for all people.

More than 60% of the Russian citizens use bank cards (plastic cards, bound to the eminent bank) and the comfort, speed and safety of this payment method. All banks in Russia are offering different bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, Mir etc.) and, of course, the access to the bank account with online-services and the help of Apps for all mobile devices.

Our company is the only one in the EU and outside the borders of the Russian Federation that offers the service “Money on the card” to the private persons and firms that are outside of Russia and the CIS-States.

You are sending money to your parents, friends or relatives? You have to send it urgently to any city in Russia? Now it´s possible to send the money from Germany and Europe to any bank card of any bank in Russia, very easy, fast, safe and comfortable. Neither You nor the recipient needs identification, an attestation or electronic wallets. The exchange rate and the fees for the transformation to bar are irrelevant with this service. Neither you nor the recipient has to go outside his house. You just need the 16 digits number from the bank card of the recipient that you give at the order (no other data required). Directly from home (every place with internet) you can order on our website, pay per online-banking at your bank and it´s done!

The deadline for the credit of the transfer depends on the bank of the recipient and can be from a few minutes to a few days. We send the ordered amount as always within 30 minutes after your payment reaches us.

The transfer of 20,00 € is equal to a credit of 1834.49 RUB on the bank card, converted by our current exchange rate based on the rate of the Russian Central Bank.

We converted the Ruble for you !!!

The maximum amount, which can be transferred to a bank card of the international payment system “VISA International”, is 1000 000RUB/ equivalent to Euro or Dollar.
The number of transfers to one card is: 8 per day, 32 per month, and the maximum amount per month is 1 000 000 rubles. Bigger monthly payments depend on the agreement of the recipient´s (the owner of the card) bank.

The maximum amount for cards of the payment system “MasterCard Worldwide” is 100 000 rubles/ equivalent to Euro or Dollar without fees.
the maximum total monthly amount is 1 000 000 rubles. Bigger monthly amounts are possible and depend on the recipient´s (owner of the card) bank agreement.

There are no limitations for transfers with the Russian national payment system “Mir”.

Please, remember that in connection with technic particularities of international banking operations, the amounts for filling up your SIM-credit will be transferred after 9 am (Mid Europe time) when they were ordered in the night time (10pm-8am). At any other time the transfer is complete after 15-30 minutes.


Plus transfer fees 6,50

Please, don´t forget to leave a comment about our shop and our service, using the “comments”-button below! Recommend us to your friends!!!


In order to avoid fraud with PayPal payments and to better protect our customers against PayPal fraud, we are not accept payments with the PayPal more.


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