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Get «WebMoney» initial passport

Art. Nr.: wma001 Price: 10,00 EUR

What is a «Initial Passport» of the payment system «WebMoney»

«WebMoney» is an international payment system and a medium for doing business over the internet and it is the safest and most reliable online payment system in the world. Its safety is provided with the help of an identification of the active users by passports. The «Initial Passport» of «WebMoney» is given to the users, that passed the identification process in accordance to the international rules, and it is the first level of trust inside of the payment system.

The «Initial Passport» of «WebMoney» is recommended for small businesses and also for co-workers of internet firms. It distinguishes you from the anonymous and formal users of the system, as well as from those with a «Initial Passport», and it is given out by us (for money) to citizens of Germany and the EU when special conditions are met. The «Initial Passport» gives you the following rights:

  • Giving title-signs to other users of the system with limits, that by far exceed the limits of the anonymous or formal Passports;
  • Topping up e-wallets and taking money out of the system with limits, that exceed the limits of anonymous or formal;
  • Participation in the service Capitaller (the access to the recent budget-machine);
  • the registration of internet-resources in some parts of the catalogue «Megastock»;
  • getting the «Seller» certificate;
  • Publishing news and messages on the official blog of the «WebMoney Transfer» system;

Owners of the «Initial Passport» have the following financial limits

How to get the «Initial Passport» of WebMoney

The company RuLine oHG is the only official registrar of the payment system in Germany, so that is why with our help, German or EU citizens can get the «Initial Passport» of the payment system «WebMoney» fast and easily. You don’t need to let your document copies get translated or approved by a notary. You can avoid all those unnecessary expenses and the need of a personal meeting with a personalizer or a registrar. If you follow all conditions, the whole process will take no longer than three working days. Follow this steps:

  1. You need to have an account in the WebMoney system, a so called WMID number. You have to register at with the same data you used in the «WebMoney» registration
  2. Make an order for getting a «Initial Passport» on our website (you have to give you WMID number in the order)
  3. Pay the sum of 10,- € via bank transfer only from YOURS BANK ACCOUNT. You will get all payment data in a confirmation e-mail. Give only FIVE DIGITS OF THE ORDER NUMBER !!! in the comment field
  4. Create Photo-ID for your WMID in the «WebMoney» System and get status Photo-ID: «Checked / Provereno / Geprüft». Make and save screenshot of the page with your photo-id as a JPEG - file (it will be very useful for you soon)
  5. Create an order for WebMoney «Initial Passport» and pay in the WebMoney system when you make an application 20,00 WMZ the system fee for receiving a certificate
  6. Download by clicking on the link on our website Fill in the form with block letters and sign it. After that, scan the form and save a digital copy of the order as a JPEG-file (you will need it later)
  7. Send the following documents for pre-check per e-mail at following documents listed below:
    • Copy of a screenshot of the site with your photo-ID, from step 4.,
    • Copy of the scanned, filled in and signed form, from step 7,
    • Both-sided copy of your passport (or the first full side of your passport, if you are not a German or EU citizen) and the ID-card of your living country (residency permit),
    • a current (not older than four weeks) the copy of registration card
    All document copies (except the order form) have to be signed by hand in color ink with the following sentence: «The copies are made and provided by me, with my permission of receiving «Initial Passport» of WebMoney», with coloured ink. The copies have to be sent as JPEG-files. We strongly recommend that you use PGP e-mail encryption for the secure transmission of your data. Under this link you can download our public PGP key for the email to encode the sent data.
  8. In case you pass the provisional control, you get an e-mail with the request of sending the forms and copies of the documents to us, as a LETTER PER MAIL (not e-mail). in to our office

If you did everything like described above, your beginner certificate of WebMoney will be activated by us, as soon as we get your documents per mail and check them a second time. After that, all limits affecting lower identification stages will be immediately removed. Moreover, clients who successfully passed the identification process get the status «special client» and enjoy permanent discounts on all services and products of RuLine oHG, that are inaccessible for normal users.

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Recommend us to your acquaintances and friends and in social media !!!

In order to avoid fraud with PayPal payments and to better protect our customers against PayPal fraud, we are not accept payments with the PayPal more.


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