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Самый интересный автор современности Алиса Даншох представляет Легендарный журнал русской эмиграции - Русская мысль

Debit card Mastercard of payment system «Yandex.Money»

Art. Nr.: ymmcdk01 Price: 20,00 EUR 15,00 EUR

Debit card Mastercard of the payment system «Yandex.Money»
without name of the holder

Users of the «Yandex.Money» payment system, which have been completely identified by RuLine oHG, receive many additional bonuses and privileges from RuLine. RuLine oHG is the official agent for the identification of the user of the payment system «Yandex.Money» and as an additional bonus RuLine offers its VIP customers and users of the payment system «Yandex.Money» a unique opportunity worldwide without having to travel to Russia, a plastic card MASTERCARD «Ya.Card» - Yandex.Card.

«Ya.Card» is a supplement to the «Yandex.Money» online account. The balance of the card and purse is the same. They have different numbers, but the balance is common sum. It is - online account with the credit recharge and then spend money from the card:

  • Worldwide payments on the Internet, in supermarkets, cafes, at petrol stations;
  • Withdraw cash at any ATM in the world;
  • Get MasterCard shares bonuses;
  • The «Ya.Card» without a kart holder name can be ordered from us and can be obtained by post within the EU within three days. Instructions for activating the new «Ya.Card» are here:

    Universal plastic card «Yandex.Money» for identified user
    The packaging of «Ya.Card»

    ...and by the way, you can choose the PIN for your card yourself and change it anytime in your online account at «Yandex.Money»! To your «Yandex.Money» account You can connect up to 10 such cards. The customers who have acquired by us «Identified» account status in payment system «Yandex.Money», pay only 10, - EUR for the card.

    Shipping weight: 0,06 Kg
    Mail service: Germany post, registered letter with tracking number
    Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days within Germany,
    3 -5 Days EU, up to 14 days worldwide

    Please do not forget to leave your opinion about our service under «Ratings» !!! Vote for us in social networks!:

In order to avoid fraud with PayPal payments and to better protect our customers against PayPal fraud, we are not accept payments with the PayPal more.


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