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Dear friends!!!

We follow our multiannual tradition and this year makes company "RuLine" our action "Saint-George ribbon" too which is dedicated

To the 71 - first day of victory against fascism!

At this celebration, you can get a symbol "The George ribbons" commemorating the victory against fascism, to the bravery, courage and heroism as a gift from us, as well badges symbols with the sign of victory. Last year, these Badges have for the first time adorned the participant the Parades for 70 - first Jubilee of Victory in Moscow on Red Square. The Badges not only help you "Ribbon Saint-George" to securely fasten that, but are accordingly emphasize the importance of the celebration.

«Saint Georg Ribbon» with pin badges «Victoryday! and Order of the Greate Patriotic War»

Our promotion in this year has the symbol of consent and of a world without war. Remembering our past will help us to stop all the conflicts and open the doors to friendship and understanding in today´s difficult times.

Who doesn’t remember the past has no future!!!

Our offer is addressed to private people (everybody can get up to three ribbons or pin-badges for free. You just pay for the transportation costs), but also to traders, public organizations, clubs, schools, etc.

There are only a few days remained until 9 th May. We would like to ask you to remember to order your ribbon in time. The number of orders grows every year and exceeds even the bravest expectations. We found it a pity if some people got their order only after the 9 th may, like last year.

Make your George Ribbon to the symbol of your commemoration – fix it on the left side of your clothes and don´t forget to tell your friends about this promotion on the webpage of «RuLine»!

and always at your service!!!

Replicate it - is difficult,
Made it better - is impossible!

Best Regards with respect
Yours - Team

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