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Самый интересный автор современности Алиса Даншох представляет Легендарный журнал русской эмиграции - Русская мысль

100 pieces of Set textile Saint Georg Ribbon

Art. Nr.: 000014 Price: 40,00 EUR

Textil «Saint George Ribbon» - the symbol of the holiday - «Victory Day»

From now on and forever for everyone who is not indifferent

The Action «Saint George Ribbon»
(«Georgievskaya lentochka»)

there runs an on our website. The symbol of the «George Ribbon» (Georgievskaya lentochka) is an expression of our respect for the veterans, a tribute to the fallen on the battlefields and gratitude to the people who gave everything for the front and whom we owe our victory in 1945. «George Ribbon» is not a heraldic symbol. It is a symbolic ribbon, a replica of a traditional bicolor of «St. George ribbons».

For your events -
Textil «St. George Ribbon» - Set 100 pieces

This offer is for the clubs, organizations, companies, schools and private persons who want to spread the St. George ribbon in various events. In our shop you can buy kits up to 200 ribbons.

The Sankt Georg Ribbons is 50 cm length, 3,5 cm width and made basic braided ( braid ) . Painted by printing on cloth weather- resistant paints ( water resistance, light resistance , the lack of burning in the sun ) . Both sides - the same. The colors of the bands : orange, black. The analogue - St. George ribbon sash of the Order of Glory III degree. Stripes - the same width. Edges and ends are treated to prevent the ultrasonic cutting fringe.

The action «The Ribbon of St George» is a reminder of the Great Victory for us - those who know about the war only from the pages of a history textbook. The objectives of the «The Ribbon of St George» action in Europe are to revive the historical traditions, consolidate the society and preserve the historical memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945. According to the respondents "young people get accustomed to it and thus will know and honor the history ...," and "«The Ribbon of St George» brings people together, those who feel anxious about the fate of Russia and other countries involved in this terrible war." For veterans, who perceive the action with the utmost awe, black and orange ribbons are the symbol of respect, gratitude and remembrance of their exploits. From now on they can have «The Ribbon of St George» sent by our shop, get them at the Russian shops cooperating with us worldwide and at festivities as well. We remember, which means we are alive! And our memory makes us stronger. We congratulate you on the oncoming holiday!

To show your involvement in the campaign «The Ribbon of St George» you can attach it to your clothes, tie on your arm or attach to the antenna of the vehicle or under the rear-view mirror on the windshield. The action is neither supported by the governmental nor financed by foreign funds. This is purely our own initiative with our

Partners - Publishing «Russkaya mysl´».
Artiсle about «St. George - Ribbon»

Shipping weight: 0,5 kg
Delivery time: 2 - 4 working days within Germany, 3 - 5 days EU

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